Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation Cake 4

I made this graduation cake for a friend ... they were taking it to LA for her SIL's graduation. It is 3 layers of cake (the top layer I made into the hat) and all fondant decorations. I had some issues with the fondant ... I recovered the cakes at least 2x each to get it looking decent.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Basketball Birthday Cake

This cake was for a birthday. It is a basketball going through a net and it says Lakers across the front (cant see it in the picture) It is a 3 layer strawberry cake with banana pudding filling.

10 th Anniversary Cake

This cake has 2 people in a hot tub and the hot tub is sitting in grass. There are some champagne glasses and a champagne bottle and 2 towels. It was a lot of fun to make though my son thought I was cooking two people in a pot and my 4 year old thought they were in a volcano. I guess you cant please everybody lol.

Graduation Cake 3

This is a graduation cake for a guy that wants to go into film. It is a 3 layer cake with fondant decorations.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hail and Farewell Cake (Scorpion)

I made this cake for a Hail and Farewell party one of the army teams on post had! It was all done in butter cream and was a huge hit at the party!

Wonder Pets

This is a "smash cake" for a little boy turning 1... he loves the wonder pets so that is the theme we went with. We have the fly boat sitting in grass and the wonder pets hanging out in the grass!

Vegas Birthday Cake

This cake was ALOT of fun to make and turned out really well! It is a birthday cake for somebody turning 21 and they were going to Vegas for her birthday ... so I worked in 21 as much as a I could (Black Jack for the cards on top, all the chips said 21 and the dice were on a 2 and a 1) and also added in the Vegas sign.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Polynesian Cake

This cake is a Polynesian theme ... I wanted to add some trees and some shells but not enough notice to make them or for them to dry so I stuck with the flowers. I still think it turned out cute.

Bible Cake

This cake is a bible with an edible image of an angel on it ... the wording is in Samoan and it says Holy Bible - One Heart.


This is a variety of cupcakes that I made for a friend ... the bees are my favorites!

Graduation Cake 2

This was a cake for a little boy that graduated from preschool and his brother that graduated from kindergarten. It is half chocolate and half white. I think it turned out cute.