Sunday, July 17, 2011

Electric Guitar Cake

My first electric guitar cake... I really liked how it turned out!

1st Birthday Jungle cake

This is a jungle theme'd birthday cake for a little guy turning 1! It looked alot better in person ... the picture makes the cake look wierd.


I made these two cakes for my niece Jessica who graduated from High School. They were on the harder side to make as I wasnt in my own kitchen with all my supplies. I thought they turned out pretty good though

Pirate Princess birthday Cake

I made this cake for a friend's little girl. She was having a pirate princess birthday party and fell in love with this cake design.

Toy Story Cupcakes

Toy Story cupcakes to match the Tractor/Toy Story theme'd birthday cake! I thought they turned out really cute!

Tractor Birthday Cake

This is a two tiered tractor birthday cake with a RKT tractor covered in fondant on top. It was a combined tractor and toy story theme'd party so the Mom had me add the TS characters on top.

Betty Boop Birthday Cake

Two tiered cake covered in buttercream and fondant decorations. Betty Boop was made by hand... I wasnt sure at first if I liked her but it grew on me after awhile.