Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caillou and Drew Photo Cake

This cake was for my little Drewbles. He LOVES caillou so we made an edible image with Caillou and pictures of Drew on it! My 3 year old thought Drew needed LOTS of colors which explains all the pretty colors on the cake and the drooping front from her helping lol.

Offroading Cake

This is a yellow cake with strawberry filling covered in butter cream and the "mud" is chocolate pudding and crushed cookies. This cake was a lot of fun to make. The back mountain is carved cake, the trees are cones covered in butter cream, the river is piping gel tinted blue, the trucks are toys and there are some candy rocks. The lady who ordered it wanted it to be muddy and messy and I think I managed both of those!

Mummy Cake

I made this cake back in October for a little get together I had at my house. He is a cute little mummy done in chocolate with chocolate butter cream, his wrappings are done with fondant. The little worms are gummy worms.

AF Raven Cake

My husband asked me to make this cake for his work squadron party. It is a half sheet and half of it is chocolate with chocolate filling and the other half is yellow with butter cream filling. The whole thing is decorated with butter cream. The picture on top is their squadron emblem and I have to tell you it was a pain to create. I have zero drawing or painting skills so it was not my favorite thing to do. Everybody at the party loved it ... personally I thought it looked like the poor Raven fell out of the sky and hit every branch on the ugly tree. Oh well it is a learning process and a challenge is always good.

Transformer Cake

This cake was fun to is a yellow cake with butter cream frosting. The bottom cake is single layer and the top one is a double layer. The whole thing is covered in fondant and the decorations are made from fondant. Optimus and Bumblebee are actual toys that I purchased. I ended up adding on some fondant flowers for just a tiny bit of color I thought it was to green.

Train Cake

This was a birthday cake for a little boy. It is a geotrax train on a track going through a tunnel. The cake itself is yellow with strawberry filling and covered in buttercream frosting. The little flowers are made from fondant and the train is an actual toy train. The little lake in the middle is piping gel tinted blue.

Valentine's Cupcakes

These are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate kisses hidden inside. They have a simple swirl of buttercream frosting on top with some heart sprinkles and decorations.