Saturday, March 21, 2009

Purse Cake

This cake was alot of fun to make. The purse is chocolate cake covered in fondant to make it look like a little handbag. The bottom cake is white covered in butter cream frosting. The little accessories are all made out of chocolate. I had some issues with the chocolate I bought from the on base store it wouldnt melt so I had to go with all pink and brown for my accessories, but I still think it turned out cute. The little girl who I made it for just LOVED it I got a HUGE hug and she kept saying "I love it".

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Donut Birthday Cake

I made these cakes for my daughter's 3rd birthday and my son's 10th birthday. They aren't perfect but since we were eating them shortly after I made them I figured it was okay. My daughter is obsessed with donuts lately even though when you give her a donut she wont eat it - so I decided to go ahead and make a cake look like a donut. I made the smaller donut cake for my son - I made him a batman cake to take to school. They are both yellow cakes the larger one has a chocolate pudding filling.

Batman Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my son's 10th birthday. I had some serious frosting issues and the grey should have been lighter but all in all I think it turned out okay. I took it to his classroom and they all loved it. It is a chocolate with buttercream filling on the bottom and yellow with chocolate filling on the top.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dr Seuss's Birthday Part Two

This is the second cake I made for Read Across America at the local schools it is exactly like the first cake except I made it on a quarter sheet. We had been on vacation and got home the night before both cakes were due at the school so I was up until 2am finishing up the cakes by the time I started on this one my imagination was to tired to do something different. I still think they both turned out great!

Dr Suess's Birthday

This is a cake I did for Read Across America Week at the local schools. It is done on a book cake pan with the big Red and White Suess hat as the focal point.