Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fishing Anniversary Cake

This cake turned out so cute!! It is a double layer chocolate cake covered in chocolate butter cream. I then decorated the top with grass and trees and made a heart shaped lake in the middle of it. The water in the lake is tinted piping gel. I then added on some candy rocks and fondant flowers and some gummy fish. The little people are made from fondant - my first try at sculpting anything in fondant. I was worried they were to big, but I think they fit in perfectly somehow.

Graduation Cakes

I made these two cakes for the school's 8th grade graduation celebration. One is white and one is chocolate and both are double layered covered in butter cream. The diploma and graduation cap are made from fondant and the Tiger (Sembach Tigers) is a butter cream transfer. I was pleased on how they turned out!

Baseball Cake

This cake didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. The entire area ran out of fondant so I had to nix my fencing and benches as I didn't have enough time to do it with anything else. It still turned out pretty cute. Double layer, half chocolate and half yellow cake covered in butter cream. The bat and ball are made from fondant and the signs I printed off and laminated.

School is Out Cake

This was a super fun cake to make! It is half chocolate and half white both double layered with butter cream. The chalkboard is made from fondant. The pool/lake is edged in crushed oreos and then the water is piping gel tinted blue. Of course we got little teddy grahams and life savers as rafts. The tree is made from fondant and the beach ball is made from fondant. The kids loved it!

Horse Cake

This cake gave me ALOT of trouble ... it is a double layer chocolate cake that I carved to look like a horse and then covered in butter cream. The original pan I bought wouldn't fit in my oven so I had to go with a smaller pan and then piece it together which was a pain. I wasn't able to freeze the cake before cutting it as it wouldnt fit in my freezer so when it came time to frost it I had cake crumbs everywhere. All in all I don't think it turned out to horrible.