Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Car" Cake

This was a really fun cake to make... it is a quarter sheet chocolate with butter cream frosting. The little boy wanted a road on his cake but my black icing color didnt make it in, in time so I had to go with a dirt road - the road is made from crushed cookies. The rocks are candy rocks and the trees are waffle cones covered in butter cream frosting. The cars are real toy cars and the signs are print offs.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drum Cake

This cake I made for a friend who had a band member turning 16. The drum is a 6 inch - triple layer chocolate cake covered in fondant. The base is a double layered 1/4 sheet chocolate cake. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stereo/Karaoke Cake

This cake was fun to make it is a triple layered chocolate cake that I cut the front off of. It is all done in butter cream frosting but the CD on top is a real CD. The little girl wanted lime green and turquoise so I did my best to match those colors wasn't the easiest task.
She loved her cake and she thanked me again when she saw me after the party telling me that it was so delicious and it looked really cool.

Welcome to Germany Cake

This was a quarter double layer sheet cake with butter cream frosting. It has the German flag on it. I made this for a family that just got to Germany and the lady wanted to surprise her kids with something freshly baked.

Hannah Montana Cake

Quarter sheet cake with pink and purple butter cream frosting. The HM pictures are key chains and the guitar is made from Fondant.

Dora and Diego Cake

These cakes were a lot of fun to make. The Dora cake is a 10 inch double layer round with butter cream frosting. It is decorated with various grasses and leaves and vines. There are fondant flowers and pretzel and fondant trees. The animals are plastic. The Diego cake is a 12 inch double layer round and a 8 inch round with butter cream frosting. Once again I added various grasses, leaves and vines in different colors of greens. The water is piping gel I colored blue with gold fish crackers for fish swimming in it. The bridge is made from pretzels and the rocks are jelly beans.


This was another fairly simple design ... I tried to do the lion that is the DARE mascot but it just wasnt working out so I took him out and just added DARE to the center triangle. It is a half sheet with butter cream frosting. I then added on 4 - 8 inch round cakes each with a letter to spell out D.A.R.E. - the second picture shows it on the table ... I think it turned out pretty nice all set out together.

Bowling Cake

This is a half sheet cake ... half of it was chocolate and the other half was yellow. It is double layered with butter cream frosting. Was a very simple design but the kids loved it.